[Airport] Items Displayed in Charges

This page provides a detailed explanation of the items indicated in the fees.

About Charges

This service is offered as a travel product and a travel fee is charged.
Please click here for the fare for each area.
The trip fee is calculated based on the following and is payable upon completion of the ride.
Ride fare (Per person)
Luggage additional charge

Items Displayed in Charges

Ride fare

This service conforms to the "carpooling service" system established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and ride fare will be calculated accordingly.
However, since the order does not confirm matching, the ride fare is fixed at the time the ride is completed.
As for the time of order, the approximate ride fare is calculated based on the order details.
*For details of the program, please refer to the following URL (external site)
Since the ride fee may vary depending on the carpooling situation, this service sets the following promotions and fees, which are calculated according to our established calculation method.


Helps if you can't find someone to carpool with. We offer a promotion that provides a discount so that the price is not higher than the price at the time of order.
The discount will only be applied if the price of the ride is higher than the price of the order.


We charge the fee for the use of our services, including carpool matching.
This fee is only charged when the ride fare is lower than the price of the order.

Luggage additional charge

One large piece of baggage (total of 3 dimensions not exceeding 200 cm) is free of charge for each person; the second piece will incur an additional charge thereafter.
No fee will be charged if held on your lap.


Surcharge may be charged in cases where vehicles are secured due to an increase in the number of users or last-minute vehicle arrangements.
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