[Airport] Reasonable price for shared rides (Haneda/Narita)

NearMe Airport are available at a discounted price by sharing one vehicle with others.
Price vary depending on the reservation date and time, route, area, number of people, and other conditions.
Please search and check the price first.

Price plan details

Basic charge

The more people you have, the more you save
Up to 70% off the basic price per person when you have more people in your group.
Children pay half the price of adults.
One large piece of luggage per person is free of charge, with additional charges for the second large piece.

Discounts linked to shared-ride forecasts

We offer a special discounts for reservations that are "easy to share".

Shared discount

Best deal
Discount for reservations with a high probability of share-ride based on desired date, time, route, and other conditions
Determination of the application of the share-ride discount is made only at the time of reservation.

Early bird discount

The earlier you reserve, the more you save
Discounts change in stages, such as 14 days before boarding, 7 days before boarding, etc.
Price vary depending on various conditions, so please search and check.


Please note the following about price and discounts
Price and discounts vary depending on the boarding area, taking into account the distance from the airport, etc.
Please click here for rates outside Haneda and Narita airports.
[Shared discount]
Discount application is determined only at the time of reservation. No additional share discount will be applied after the reservation is made. Please be aware of this.
The same reservation details may not always be applied to the same reservation, since the reservation status and vehicle capacity are also taken into consideration.
Probability of discount proposals at Haneda and Narita airports::about 36%(Period: June-August 2023)
[Early bird discount]
Please note that if the number of guests changes after the reservation is made, the discount conditions will apply at the time of the change.
We do not offer an early bird discount for reservations of 5 or more people. Thank you for your understanding.
Once your questions are answered, enjoy a comfortable airport transfer with NearMe's Airport Shuttle.